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stay                                                    5-STAR

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Izmir Medical Esthetic Travel is number 1 because we are apart from all others.

1st step:

We only ask you to set a date for your stay. The prices include a VIP Private car that you can pick up at Izmir airport. Our driver and Mehtab himself will be waiting for you with your name tag with our Logo sign next to it. This way you can be transported carefree to our natural place. Once we are on top of our mountain residence, we will personally meet you and welcome you with a fresh drink and snacks, enjoying the 1000 meter high statues, in the middle of unspoilt nature with our city Izmir and sea view between the mountains._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ For the next day we will meet with the doctor to discuss your medical treatments and to have any tests done before the procedure. 

2nd step:

Of course, with your medical treatment, you have a doctor-prescribed stay in the clinic in relation to which treatment you undergo. The doctors help you decide how long you have to stay in the clinic under their supervision.  During this period must be supervised for care in the clinic. During this period it is only about staying for your treatment and you are available for the implementation. All practical interventions are equal to the quality among all medical treatments. During our intake conversations we can give you the choice of which luxury graduation room you opt for. This can range from a normal sick room to a very luxurious suite room with all-in service to give you and your family, friends and visitors a pleasant stay. Provided this makes a big difference, you are in there with a small price difference. Mehtab will be there at all times to support you.

3rd step:

After the procedure and the necessary observation of the doctors, they decide on your discharge from the clinic. Then you are ready to return to our residence carefree with our VIP Private car. Depending on which treatment you have undergone, you will have to take it easy and enjoy the green natural surroundings. Mehtab will be with you at all times for all your necessary care. If prescribed by the doctors, a nurse will also be with us. By the way, Mehtab is in full-time contact with the doctors or surgeons for any questions. 

If your condition allows, we can always explore the city and enjoy the terraces, boutiques, ect. or take a walk in our nature. Everything is decided according to your needs and the prescriptions of the doctors.

We are always at your service to show you the most beautiful corners of Turkey during your rehabilitation. 

4th step:

Due to the time specified by the doctors, we have to go to the between check-up or final check-up in the clinic. The VIP Private car will take you where it is needed. You have a discussion with the doctor about the course of your aftercare and what you should do. You will receive the necessary documents for the prescribed medicines with your medical file. Mehtab is also present at the meeting so that she can perfectly follow up on your aftercare.

5th Step:

You will probably be able to enjoy our beautiful for a few more days or an extra week before you are taken back to the airport with the VIP car. 

There is a lot to experience in and around Izmir and we are happy to guide you in it. 

Once you return home, Mehtab will ask you to make a daily video call for aftercare.

Gallery: Images of our environment

Stay                                                         5-STAR

At one 5-STARchoice, the medical treatment is qualitatively equivalent and you will not see any difference with the other packages

Your before and after care and service from Mehtab are also the same. 

Only difference is that you chose our natural stay at our place itself. We are a few miles up from the crowds of your treatments and clinic in the center of Izmir. Our green natural mountain choice in Izmir is really a paradise place for people who love peace and nature. On the Aegean coast with tropical beaches with crystal clear water, with us 5-STARSpackage we also offer natural private beaches. Worldwide there are always places that tourism cannot find.

5-STARSpart of our Travel package is truly unique and designed for patients who love mountains, nature and 100% privacy during your stay. You don't want the hustle and bustle of the resorts or you don't want to take care of yourself in a Villa. You like a rehabilitation time with our own kitchen or adapted food according to the doctors prescribed. We also have a professional nurse for medical care or extra injections so that you do not have to go into the busy city. An ideal place for reflection through the unforgettable images. Ideal if you travel alone or want to combinewith your friends, partner or with children.

We also want to give the opportunity to people who want more than just de medical treatments, how nice can it be that you can make the choice to have a medical treatment done during your adventurous stay in the mountains with family or friends. After medical treatment, you may prefer to isolate yourself in a private place until all the medical bandages are less visible. You are already being watched in a resort.

Trips to sights, boutique, restaurant and cozy evening terraces are always possible. Time can also be taken for day trips in beautiful Turkey. Trekking or even a short walk around our own places is breathtaking  beautiful.

We can also combine other aesthetic treatments with your planned medical treatment. Besides, now is the right time to take advantage of the cheaper aesthetic cosmetic treatment. Remember that prices are much higher in Europe. Just return home as a new person. Two weeks can go by quickly. Completely equipped in a renewed version of yourself, full of excitement to show it off to all your friends.

Alltrips or additional aesthetic treatments are possible on request. During your stay you suddenly have a need for a trip or places to visit, do not hesitate to talk to Mehtab about it, you are1and al her guest and please sort this out. 

Our own 5-STAR stay:

  • 100% Privacy

  • Homely atmosphere

  • All -time Vip Private driver

  • Kitchen of your choice

  • Free WIFI

  • bedrooms, balcony

  • 20 minutes Restaurants

  • All inclusive service

  • Nurse service

  • Care

  • Green nature mountain range

  • 10 minutes swimming pool 

  • 20 min Wellness-Spa-Sauna-Fitness

  • 15 min Aegean kisst

  • Exclusive guided trips

  • BBQ top mountain overview Izmir

  • 15 min large ultra modern shopping center

  • 25 min center Izmir

  • 30 minutes airport

We work together with selected organizations  so that we are sure of a quality stay.

Prices vary according to the seasons  of requests. Your total price is therefore variable every month. But definitely the best price.

This 5-STAR stay package is certainly not more expensive than the previous packages, certainly not because of the 24/7 guidance and care.

That is why we appreciate being able to communicate your needs as well as possible and we will put together your package for you.

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