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Sightseeing Turkey

Turkey is the perfect destination for those who want to travel cheaply and want to see and experience a lot. The fusion of European and Asian culture, the beaches, the mountains and the historic cities. Turkey has everything you need for a successful holiday. However, Turkey is so diverse and extensive that you should get a brief overview of the country and its landscapes beforehand. 

Turkey is the only country on two different continents and offers a lot of variety during a holiday. So for a package holiday, a last minute holiday or a tour through Turkey, there is something for everyone to discover. Good hotels do not have to be expensive in Turkey and the culinary delights are also affordable in the many restaurants.

Between the two parts of the country is the Sea of Marmara with the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus, which connects the Aegean Sea with the Black Sea. The Black Sea coast of Turkey is about 1,500 kilometers long and extends to Georgia. In the west, Turkey borders the Aegean part of the Mediterranean Sea, in the south the Ionian Sea.

Turkey is almost forty times the size of the Netherlands. 

Are you looking for a sunny and versatile holiday destination with or without treatment or vice versa, feel free to contact us.

Then consider a holiday to Izmir in Turkey. In combination with Izmir Medical Esthetic Travel who can guide and support you in all your needs, together with your Aesthetic treatments where you can relax. Here you can stroll through narrow streets, while enjoying the brightly painted houses or relax on the beach with crystal clear water. You can also take a look in one of the boutiques, or opt for a typical Turkish dish in a local restaurant.

Izmir Medical Esthetic Travel is not only your accompaniment for your aesthetic treatments, we also organize trips from a wide range of choices. We know Turkey in every corner and we can show you the best places to remember.

Just write a Sinterklaas greeting card and we will arrange it before your arrival.

Those who love nature can enjoy views of bays with azure blue water during a walk or road trip, interspersed with fields in which olive trees and flowers can be seen. Moreover, a trip through nature in Izmir will also take you past various vineyards and you will undoubtedly come across antique windmills from the 19th century. There are also several places worth visiting for culture and history enthusiasts. Think, for example, of Trajan Fountain and the Agora Open Air Museum. Here you will find archaeological finds and ruins including a temple, theater and a library that were part of a lively trading city from the Greek and Ottoman empires in ancient times. Konak Square is located in the heart of Izmir. That is a square on the south side of Atatürk Avenue in the Konak district with an ancient tower, surrounded by restaurants and shops.

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