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Buttock lifts/correction

Hips count as the most attractive and prominent figure in the female body. Long legs, a slim waist and a tight, flat stomach are the main factors that make the buttocks look good.

Buttock lift is a safe and preferred operation by women who want to have a younger look and a tight rounded butt.

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What is buttock lift surgery?


Due to excessive weight gain or loss, genetic factors or gravity deformation and prolapse occur in the buttock. All procedures performed on hips and buttocks are grouped under the title of butt aesthetics.

The purpose of butt aesthetics is to lift and shape the buttocks, remove the excess fat in the pelvic area, carve the waist and slim down. In recent years, many methods have been found to enlarge the buttocks and the way the person will be performed varies. 

Buttock lifting at a glance

Procedure: Butt Lift

Duration: 2-3 hours

Stay : 1 days hospital 6 days hotel

Anesthesia :General

Recovery : 7 days

Scar: No scar or 2 mm

Results : end result 6 months or 1 year

Procedures that can be performed to get a better looking buttock include lifting the buttocks, relieving the effects of aging and excess weight in the buttocks, and tightening the skin.

If there were no prolapse issues and such, the butt can be lifted by doing liposuction, fat injection or silicone implants alone. 

The shrinking problem has been solved. Folds from the curves are removed. A new normal shape of the inner lip is given. The remaining fabrics are sewn. The yarns used for the seams in the operating area are of the self-fusing type.

Once the healing process is complete, there is no numbness in the sexual zone. People have no problem with their partner after this surgery, Also defined as aesthetic or genital aesthetics, . Pregnancy is not an obstacle. 

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  • Fat Injections: Laser liposuction is performed on the pelvic area, waist, and lower and outer sides of the buttocks using thin cannulas. Some special procedures are performed to purify the patient's own fat and place it in the upper part of the buttocks. Thus we get a prominent butt.

  • Silicone implants: if the fat mass in the flask is not sufficient, silicone implants can be placed. This process gives a lifted and prominent buttock. The implants used are specially made for the buttocks.  


  • Butt Lifting: For people who have sunken skin due to excessive weight loss, the skin is removed from the lower abdomen and upper buttocks, then the buttocks are lifted by a butt lift procedure.

  • Buttocks Tightening and Reduction: Huge butt due to weight gain or some structural reasons can be reduced by performing liposuction technique. Surgical procedures are sometimes performed to tighten and lift the very flabby buttocks. Patients suffering from this situation are often patients who have lost significant weight. 

Butt Lift Editing Methods

  • After the operation, it is sufficient to stay in the hospital for one night

  • Immediately after the operation, a special corset must be worn. This corset should be worn for 3 to 4 weeks to reduce the formation of edema and swelling and to obtain better results.

  • The patient's feeling of some aches, pains, and difficulty moving for several days after surgery is to be expected and can be controlled by oral analgesics.

  • There is no pain or difficulty when sitting because not all techniques are performed in the sitting area, but it may be difficult to get up and sit down in the first period after surgery.  

  • It can be easily returned to daily life after surgery.

  • It is recommended to take a bath after the second day so as not to keep the sutures moist.

  • Short showers should be taken during the first 10 days. 

  • The use of absorbable sutures eliminates the need to remove the surgical sutures after surgery.

  • The patients can take a shower after 3 days after surgery

  • The corset worn for 4 weeks after surgery can only be taken off when showering.

  • There will be follow up appointments 1 week, 1 month and 6 months after the butt lift Surgery performed to date. 

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After butt lift surgery and recovery period

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Frequently Asked Questions

To what extent are our routine movements limited after butt lift surgery and how long does this last?

After butt lift surgery, the patient wears a corset suitable for this procedure. During the first days after the procedure, the patient should not lie on their back or sit for a long time. The length of this period depends on the patient's recovery process and the surgeon's decision. 


To whom is a bil lift performed?

Butt lift surgery can be performed for all people who are not satisfied with the shape of their butt. Patients often complain of the low or very flat shape of their butt. 

What should be considered before the buttock elevator?

As with all surgeries, the patient who een bil undergoing lift surgery and is a smoker, stop smoking for three weeks before surgery. 

I'm sure there will still be questions, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information. 

Greetings from Mehtab, 

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