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Did you know that? The difference between Plastic cosmetic surgery and aesthetic cosmetics medicine.

“I want to enlarge my lips.” Surgery or aesthetic medicine? “I want to increase the volume of my breast.” Surgery or aesthetic medicine? It is not uncommon for people not to know the difference between these two interventions. Indeed, they have a common goal: beautification and rejuvenation. However, differences lie in their consequences and longevity. They are far enough away to satisfy each as per need and demand. We explain the difference between these two interventions, with its advantages and disadvantages.

Aesthetic Cosmetics medicine

In recent years, aesthetic cosmetics medicine has received a great deal of interest. As proof, the International Master Course on Aging Skin (IMCAS) estimates the annual growth of aesthetic medicine in the world at about 10%. It is gaining popularity thanks to its gentle and non-invasive methods, as it allows the correction of non-pathological complexes in a temporary and reversible way. Aesthetic medicine is concerned with maintaining, filling or correcting various parts of the body.

The Benefits: The proposed procedures are much less restrictive than cosmetic surgery, which is an important benefit. Most treatments offered in aesthetic medicine do not require anesthesia. It is still possible to apply a cream or make an anesthetic injection during uncomfortable sessions. Aesthetic medicine is reversible and disappears over time. For Botox injections, for example, it takes between 4 and 6 months, depending on facial expression and age. No big regrets… Another of the benefits of aesthetic medicine: it is more financially affordable than surgery. Hyaluronic acid injections, for example are very famous, start from 360 euros in Europe, Turkey costs the same product and treatment starting from 150€. For cosmetic surgery it will be necessary to count at least from 3000 euros for a care, which, on the other hand, in Turkey is 1500€ for the same quality and with European trained surgeons.

The Cons: Aesthetic medicine offers a very wide variety of devices with multiple uses, which can sometimes disorient the patient. But a professional can guide you in choosing a treatment that is perfectly adapted to the indication. In addition, although the procedures are less arduous than surgery, there are often several (mild) side effects: bruising, swelling, redness, etc. But if only this…but to look younger..

Plastic Cosmetic Surgery

Unlike aesthetic medicine, implant surgery has been around the world for decades. From the year 2000, the number of patients increased by 50%, with the desire to have a perfect body, almost comparable to the internet doll. Indeed, it is very popular for all age groups. It makes it possible to completely and permanently change a part of the body or face. Like aesthetic medicine, surgery has advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages : The operation offers a definitive answer, because after the operation the result is irreversible. It is also used for sequelae or more pronounced malformations. So you should think about it before you start!

The Cons: Surgery necessarily requires general or local anesthesia. These are heavier (and more expensive) operations, which will therefore require more time for reflection. It will also be necessary to provide a period of rest, healing and post-operative care. Finally, as with aesthetic medicine, the risks of failure and complications cannot be ruled out. These are often more important: rejection of implants, skin discoloration… or even disappointment with the results. That is why it is necessary to address only the best organizations and doctors. Give preference to an experienced organization that guides you as an intermediary to the top doctors and clinics. Doctors do not always have full time due to their busy schedules and the intermediary organization guides you from start to finish, giving you peace of mind.


If in doubt about your needs, we recommend that you contact our Izmir Medical Esthetic center directly for any questions you may have. ​


Regards Mehtab,

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IZMIR MEDICAL ESTHETIC TRAVEL is focused on the full range of treatments aimed at correcting abnormalities, achieving symmetry and creating a more pleasant and inviting body anatomy.From rhinoplasty, facelift, liposuction and breast lift to breast implants, gynecomastia, labiaplasty and so more. IZMIR-MET can help you achieve aesthetic goals that you previously thought were unachievable. Modern minimally invasive techniques used enable IZMIR-MET to achieve exquisite, sophisticated results


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IZMIR MEDICAL AESTHETIC TRAVEL is focused on a 5 star choice program for accommodation and sightseeing. the full range of our stars aimed at vacation during your medical treatments. IZMIR-MET can help you enjoy the best places during your stay that you can't find on a normal vacation. IZMIR-MET able to provide excellent restful holidays with VIP Chauffeur.

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