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Thread facelift

The thread lift is a treatment that is also called PDO threads or V Soft Lift. It is a method of tackling skin aging without cutting into the skin, such as with a facelift. By inserting threads into the dermis with a very fine needle, the skin around this suture material starts to produce collagen again. We are happy to give you more information about the purpose of the thread lift and how it works. You can request a free consultation for personal advice.


Thread lift against skin aging

The thread lift is an effective treatment that we use against skin aging. Skin aging is a normal process that everyone experiences over the years. What effect does aging have on the face? A young face is usually shaped like a 'V'. As you get older, the skin loses structure, elasticity, volume, muscle and even bone mass. This means that the classic, young-looking V shape of your face is reversed and more of an inverted 'V' is visible.

The thread lift or Soft Lift treatment aims to restore the young V-shape of the face. There are several methods to remove or reduce wrinkles. The thread lift is one of them.

Benefits of the thread lift

The thread lift is not as drastic as a facelift, for example, and still offers good results.

• Effective skin rejuvenation and younger facial features without surgery
• Lifting effect thanks to small threads
• Stimulates the skin to produce permanent collagen
• Virtually never scarring
• Simple procedure, takes only 30 to 60 minutes
• Effect visible for about 2 years

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