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Turkish Hamam

Hamam, also known as Turkish bath, is a traditional bathing culture dating back to the Ottoman Empire. It was a very important ritual representing the cleanliness, relaxation, purification and social sharing during the era. It is one of the once and unique experiences in the city. It will definitely be a unique experience, and you will definitely be refreshed. So take your time and indulge yourself and enjoy this unique experience with our selection of the best Turkish baths and hammams in Izmir.

What to expect?

Although this culture is based on the Roman Empire, the tradition is completely associated with Ottoman and Turkish culture. When you take this traditional attraction, you can enjoy an authentic experience, relax your muscles, take a rest in a steam bath, refresh your body, peeling, many body massages, aromatherapy, etc.

You imagine yourself in a palace or pavilion from that time and experience the culture and traditional rituals in an impressive and authentic atmosphere.


The environment can be considered a sanctuary of healing, relaxation and purification with the spirit of water. The environment inside is warm and allows your whole body and muscles to relax.

When you arrive at the hammam, you will start your day with a personal care kit that includes a gold-plated Ottoman sink, private bath, olive oil soap and various accessories.

You can then choose from different packages and rituals such as traditional body scrubbing, relaxing bubble wash, aromatherapy massage, facial masks, body care, peeling, etc.

At the end of your hammam period you will certainly have a unique experience and you will feel like a sultan.

Ask Mehtab for more information and she can bring you into this world.

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