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Implants are objects that resemble screw-shaped tooth roots that are connected to the jawbone if one or more teeth are missing.

Today, there are many types of implants and brands to choose from. Although the materials used differ, titanium is generally used.

This treatment can be applied to any patient over the age of 18 who has completed chin-face development. Before starting treatment, the suitability of the patient is examined. The first step is therefore to take X-rays.
The implantation specialists at our clinic can perform the preliminary examination using the intraoral images and X-rays sent by the patient. Our patients, who come from other cities or abroad for implants, can use our internal transfer service free of charge. In addition, our partner hotels can be arranged for accommodation during treatment. We offer 24/7 communication options to all patients, both before and after treatment.

The treatment plan is completed with the patient directly with Izmir Medical Esthetic Travel during the stay. The implants we use in our clinic are certified and the treatment starts quickly with high-quality materials. This way you can restore your oral and dental health as quickly as possible.


What Are Dental Implants?

Implants are screws that are placed in the jawbone and on which the dental prostheses are placed. The adjacent teeth are not damaged or filed down during the treatment. Inserted implant screws act as a tooth root.
After application you can eat and talk as with a natural tooth. Some of the advantages of the implant are:

  • Can be used where patients in the lower or upper jaw have missing teeth.

  • Suitable for use in places where teeth have been missing for a long time.

  • Is an effective procedure if all teeth in the patient's lower jaw are missing.

  • Helps to keep teeth healthy.

  • There are no problems with eating/drinking

  • Does not harm adjacent teeth.

  • Provides an aesthetic and beautiful smile.

In order to run the application, the patient's profile must be appropriate and there must be no barriers to treatment.

All on 4/6 implant technique

In this technique, a new method for screw-type dental implants, the upper and lower jaw bones are examined in detail. Then 4 or 6 implants are placed at certain angles. Especially patients without teeth can regain their oral and dental health in one day. After completion of treatments, patients should pay attention to oral-dental hygiene and routine check-ups.

Patients without treatment teeth are prevented from not being treated due to bone insufficiency, bone insertion or sinus lift. Fixed prostheses can be fabricated the same day with the Allon4/6 technique.

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Bone grafting (jaw bone powder)

Jaw bone powder, also called bone graft, is obtained in several ways. It exists in an animal, human or synthetic form. It is produced in block form or in the form of powder with small particles. The use of bone grafts is particularly preferred

  • If there is not enough bone in the implant placement area,

  • If it is desired to be done in the same session with a tooth extraction,

  • For pre-implant sinus floor elevation,

  • In chronic inflammation,

  • When the bone is melted in the mouth.

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