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Chin Correction or Genioplasty

Before the treatment we take photos for your medical file. A chin augmentation by means of an implant generally takes place under a sedation. Here you lie in a relaxed sleep without pain or feeling the sting of local anesthesia, but you remain awake. If you prefer to go under anesthesia, that is no problem either.

In this procedure, an incision is made under the chin. The implant is inserted through this incision, after which the incision is sutured again. We use a special suturing technique that has been developed to give minimal scarring. This will leave a very small scar that will hardly be visible.

The implant can also be inserted through the inside of the mouth. An incision is then made at the level of the jaw between the lower teeth and the lower lip. This method does not leave visible scars, but has the disadvantage that the risk of infection is slightly higher. After applying the stitches, your chin will be covered with a bandage.

The chin augmentation by means of lipofilling can take place under local anesthesia, although sedation is of course also possible on request. The procedure starts with the suction of some fat with a tube. Sometimes this happens at the neck, but often also at another place such as the abdomen, the hips or the inside of the knees. The harvested fat is treated in a special way, so that it can then be injected into the chin with a syringe. The advantage is that the body's own material is used for the enlargement and that no scars are made (except for a few millimeters for the liposuction hole). After the procedure, your chin will be covered with plasters.

Kin man.jpg

A deviated chin can determine how we perceive and judge a face. For example, with a reclined chin, the nose often appears longer and the cheeks more convex than they actually are. This optical illusion arises because the chin causes imbalance in the facial proportions. Add a few millimeters (with a recessed chin) or subtract a few (with a protruding chin) and the balance is restored. The doctors here in Izmir show flawlessly where those 'magic millimeters' are.

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