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Lip Aesthetic

There are several techniques for filling lips

The Russian method of filling lips is currently very much in the spotlight! In fact, this is not a new technique, because this method has been used for many years.


What do you mean by the Russian method?

With this treatment, your lips are filled by means of micro-injections in your lip line.

Your lips consist of several parts, of which the lip line is one. The lip line is basically a sealed tube that goes around the edge of the upper lip and lower lip. You can see this tube as the contour of your lips, also called lip line or lip edge.


Natural look guaranteed!

Thanks to the micro syringes, your lips will be full and nicely filled, without the well-known duckface phenomenon! After all, you get a duck face when too much product is injected into your lips.


Custom lip augmentation

Depending on the shape of your lips and your wishes, our doctor will determine whether the Russian method is a suitable technique for you.

During the consultation, our doctor will advise you on which method will be used to enlarge or change the shape of your lips. Different techniques can be discussed and it is also determined how much product will be used for your lip correction.

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