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Laser Eyes

Are you thinking about laser eye surgery in Turkey? It is a safe and economical choice, with an excellent result. Tired of wearing glasses or contact lenses, but dreading the high costs in Europe? Laser eye surgery in Turkey is a lot cheaper and just as safe, more than 4,000 others have already applied for treatment and preceded you. We are happy to tell you more about the various eye laser treatments.

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Advantages of laser eye surgery in Turkey

Laser eye surgery in Turkey has recently become very popular. That is not so strange, it brings
important advantages:

  • Laser eye surgery in Turkey is cheaper

  • Safe laser eye treatment by specialists

  • Possible combination with your holiday

Laser eye surgery in Turkey costs a lot less than here in the Netherlands or Belgium. In Turkey he formst a popular procedure, allowing specialists and medical institutions to divide the costs among many patients. Moreover, the salaries of the specialists are a lot lower than here in Europe. This means that you can benefit from laser eye surgery without sacrificing quality or safety. In addition, Turkey has numerous skilled specialists who can be of excellent service to you. They have a lot of experience with eye laser treatments. Do you want to use laser eye surgery in Turkey? Preferably combine this with a holiday, for example on the Turkish coast. Enjoy a wonderful holiday in the sun, while also ensuring that you will soon no longer need to wear glasses or contact lenses. Book the holiday in the same period as the appointment with the specialist, or use a special travel arrangement to travel to Turkey and have your eyes lasered there.

Laser eye surgery in Turkey safe?

Many people are skeptical about laser eye surgery in Turkey or other countries abroad. This is not surprising, your eyes are very important in daily life, so you want to keep the risk of anything going wrong as small as possible. A critical attitude is therefore also very wise. However, having your eyes lasered in Turkey is just as safe, if not safer, than in the Netherlands or Belgium.

Of course it is important to be well informed about the possibilities in Turkey. Your eyes are a precious asset and so it is very important to thoroughly research possible clinics. In Belgium or the Netherlands, laser eye surgery has not been done for very long, while operations in Turkey have been performed for decades. As a result, the ophthalmologists in Turkey have much more experience than the ophthalmologists in Europe.

Why in turkey?

  • Laser eye surgery cheaper in Turkey
    For most people, this is the main reason for choosing laser eye surgery in Turkey, in addition to being an attractive place to have your eyes lasered. Laser eye surgery is now a common procedure in Turkey. For example, the purchase costs of expensive equipment are divided over the many treatments that are performed. The income in Turkey is also structurally lower than what the ophthalmologists in Europe
     earn. As a result, the total costs for laser eye treatment are much lower than the price you would pay in Europe.

  • Combining laser eye surgery with a holiday
    If you
    If you are there anyway, Turkey is definitely not an unattractive destination to relax. By combining your eye laser treatment with a holiday, you can relax afterwards. Nowadays you can even book special travel arrangements where Izmir Medical Esthetic Travel is the number 1 where you can book laser eye treatment and holiday in 1.

feel free to ask Mehtab for more information, you will immediately hear the difference. 

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