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Ear correction or Otoplasty

OTOPLASTICS:The ear is an organ that affects the appearance of the person, has aesthetic value and also functional importance. A variety of formal conditions can occur in the ear, including no congenital development. The most common aesthetic condition in the ear is a compressed ear defect. Aesthetic ear surgery is the most common in our cosmetic surgery. In the prominent ear surgery, the ear corners are corrected and approached towards the head.  

What is the ideal age for an Otoplasty?

Ear development reaches 98% of its development at 5-6 years old. These surgeries are ideal for the preschool period in this age group. The reason for this is to avoid social trauma of children by their friends at school and to avoid the loss of self-confidence of the child, it is recommended to perform surgery at a young age. Although it is not a healthy statistic in our country, it turns out that there are about equal percentages in both sexes. However, girls can cover their ears with their hair later in life. 

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Otoplasty at a glance

Procedure: Otoplasty

Duration : 1-2 hours

Stay: 5 days hotel

Anesthesia : Local

Recovery: 7 days

Scar: behind the ear

Results: final result 3-6 months 

Before prominent ear surgery

  • During the interview, the patient's suitability for surgery and expectations are evaluated. Detailed information about the surgery is provided and the patient should be briefed about the procedure before and after surgery.

  • Patients who cannot receive local anesthesia can also be operated on under general anesthesia.

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No words can describe my satisfaction. I appreciate what Izmir Medical Esthetic Travel with the doctors do for people. The result is exactly how I wanted it! Service and involvement is great, if I had a negative experience I would also write it here. Thank you Mehtab.


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Prominent ear surgery process

Prominent ear surgeries are usually performed under local anesthesia within 1-1.5 hours. It is a non-painful operation that does not require hospitalization. It is based on the incisions made behind the ear using surgical ropes to shape the ear cartilage and bring it closer to the skull.  

After prominent ear surgery

After the operation, the patient can go home after a local anaesthetic.

It is enough to take a painkiller for a few days. Your doctor's advice on this is extremely important.

After a few days, the patient can return to work

Newly formed cartilage is held constant by the ropes and sports bandanas are used until the ear adheres to the tissues. This period is about 6 weeks.

During the recovery period it is necessary to wear a headband at night 

What is rope ear surgery?

It is an incision that is performed on people with openness above normal in the ears. The rope is pulled to bring it into the angle it should be in the earlobe, so the medical literature is called the rope ear surgery. It is a very popular technique that has problems with symmetry in the ears and/or is used on people who have their ears open and outward, and who do not have much ear deformity.

It is a risk-free and easy procedure. Ideal for people who are afraid of long operations and incisions. Threaded ropes are placed in the ear without an incision with micro-entrances. It is also seamless as the operation is not interrupted. Because the cartilage has disrupted the microentrances, there is almost no bleeding.

The technique is one of the most preferred and has an extremely short recovery time. 

Why do prominent ears occur?

Under normal circumstances, the structures in the human body continue to develop until adolescence. However, 90% of the development of the external ear in the womb completes around the age of 5-6 years.

In this process, the defect in the cartilage structure that causes the ear and the insufficiency in the muscles and ligaments that give to the ear causes the ears to be prominent. It usually occurs congenital. 

Normally, the angle between the ear and the skull is about 30 and 35 degrees. This angle is greater at the prominent ears. Today, a prominent ear affects more than 5% of the population. Although the physiological effect on the patient is not important, it has a serious effect on psychological and aesthetic aspects. The ear defect consists mainly of the excess of the angle of the auricle with the skull, the absence of the outer ear fold. 

Children who are mocked by their friends during elementary school may also have symptoms related to psychological trauma, such as loss of self-confidence, inability to come out, speak in front of the community, fail in classes, and fail to attend school . 

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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to have prominent ear surgery. What are the things I should avoid after this surgery? For example, would it be a problem to use accessories such as headphones or glasses?

It takes a certain amount of time for the ear to heal completely after prominent ear surgery. During this recovery period, the ears are held in a fixed position with a bandana. The bandana is expected to be worn for an average of 6 weeks. During this process, patients should not wear any accessories, such as glasses that could open the sutures.

What is Prominent Laser Ear Surgery?

Ear - surgery, the incision is made behind the ear and many different tools can be used for these incisions. Cutting tools such as scalpel, cautery, laser or sapphire are the tools used for the incision in surgery, and none can be said to be better than the other.

It is normal to have slight bleeding during the incision and the amount of this bleeding does not change depending on the cutting tools used. Bleeding in surgery is not cutting the skin, but cartilage incisions made to disrupt the cartilage.

Cartilage cuts must be performed very carefully, otherwise the blood vessels on the cartilage may be damaged and dense bleeding may occur.

The veins on the cartilage must be cauterized, whether cut with a laser or other cutting tools.

The correction of the ears with the laser attracts a lot of interest because it reaches the ear more easily and painlessly. 

If there are any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us without obligation.

Greetings Mehtab, 

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