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pedicure (feet)

Your feet are most of the time hidden in warm boots or shoes and cut off from oxygen.
Our Pedicure treatment Care & Wellness is the best moment for your feet.

We also take the legs with us to ensure that the blood flow gets going well in order to remove the waste products that are released.
Your feet are also offered new fresh oxygen from the inside and outside. 

Betweenin your medical treatments and stay your feet for a while let yourself be pampered in every detail.

let Mehtab know and she will direct you to the best place.

Pedicures treat the feet and toenails. The aim of the treatment is to relax the feet and also cosmetically beautify the feet and nails.


During a treatment, a Pedicure can perform the following actions:

  • Cleaning the feet

  • Rub the feet and legs with nourishing lotion

  • Providing foot massage

  • Exfoliate the feet

  • Performing a paraffin treatment (treating the feet with warm, liquid paraffin, which nourishes and moisturizes the feet)

  • Care and push back of the cuticles

  • Cut, mill and file the nails

  • Polishing the nails

  • Painting the nails (base coat and possibly a top coat)

  • Application of artificial nails in case of damage

  • Advising on foot care

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