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Permanent Makeup

Why get a ​​lip tattoo?

When I first saw semi-permanent makeup,  I really didn't understand why anyone would want a lip tattoo. I mean, why would you want to be the same color day in and day out? "I don't want to spend all my time on my makeup every day." I just wanted to look like a better version of myself and spend as little time as possible doing so.

What I also didn't realize was that just because you're getting a lip tattoo doesn't mean it has to be a bold color. Semi-permanent lips are meant to give you a natural boost to your own lip color so you look like you're wearing a natural lip color. If you are going out at night or want to put on a little more makeup, you can wear any color over it.


These are the main benefits of getting a lip tattoo:


1. It can help you look younger – as we age we lose the glow our younger skin gives and sometimes that means we lose the natural pink tones in our lips.

2.It lasts all day and night. Don't smear or give kiss marks on the faces of our loved ones.

3. It saves your bucket a lot of time preparing... AND less to remove at night

4. No maintenance.

5. Saves money on makeup purchases

6. Your lips look fuller, more defined and balanced. This is also a huge benefit for those who have vision problems or medical conditions that prevent them from applying their makeup.

7. Perfect for people who are allergic to conventional makeup


So what happens when you get a lip tattoo?

The lips are a completely different skin type compared to our eyebrows and eyelids. As with all semi-permanent procedures, this is a 2-3 step process. It will not be complete with your first treatment. Your lips will look very bright and bold right after about 1-2 weeks (depending on how your body heals). They will most likely swell, which is also normal, but this can be easily treated with a cold press.

There are several stages in the lip tattoo healing process. 

Most importantly, keep them hydrated at all times for the first few weeks. It is best to apply healing cream about every half hour. This will really help to chip/crack less and retain more of the color.

The first treatment is more like creating a foundation. 

When touching up, the color and shape is adjusted as needed and you retain the pigment much better. If you decide to get a lip tattoo, it will always heal to a more natural color/tone. If you're interested in a bold lip color, semi-permanent lips aren't the answer, but you can always wear a lipstick over them and since your lips will have a more natural shade, it won't affect the color.


Lip expectations


There is a big difference between lip fillers and semi-permanent makeup. Lip fillers plump up your lips and can also help them look more balanced. Semi-permanent makeup adds color to your lips and also helps balance them.


Would a lip tattoo make my lips look fuller?


I've been asked this question a few times already. The answer is "to some extent," and it depends on what your version of "fuller" means.


Natural, semi-permanent lip colour


I can't recommend this treatment enough, especially if you've lost your natural color or shape or are looking for something natural that will give you a more defined shape and help you look more radiant! If you are interested, feel free to ask your questions to IZMIR MEDICAL AESTHETIC TRAVEL.

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What is the difference between permanent makeup and semi-permanent makeup?

The difference between permanent make up and semi permanent make up, dermatopigmentation or micropigmentation?

All these synonyms are actually the new form of permanent make-up, but then more natural, softer and so much more beautiful. Dermatopigmentation is a natural form of putting pigments into the skin to make you look better.

 We prefer to propose semi-permanent makeup, wehave made this decision mainly because the results of semi-permanent make-up are often softer and more aesthetically pleasing in the long run than their 'true permanent' variant. Moreover, it also gives you as a customer the chance to update the result more frequently, and thus always look radiantly young and fresh. With permanent make-up, the pigments are deeper in the skin, which often makes a side effect more difficult, and the results look less good after a few years.

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