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Porcelain Laminate

Nowadays, the porcelain laminate facing is a much preferred treatment, mainly because of its aesthetic purposes. Teeth are provided with a porcelain laminate layer to get a perfect appearance.

Besides aesthetics, there are also other applications. If the teeth are damaged in any way, a porcelain crown can be used. In addition, it can be applied to the entire jaw or separately to solve the problems mentioned below:

  • asymmetric jawline,

  • speech disorders,

  • chewing disorders,

  • Difficulty closing the mouth.


What is Porcelain Laminate?

Porcelain laminate is a treatment method that uses porcelain to cover the natural teeth. The main material, porcelain, is obtained by combining some metallic elements with non-metallic elements. It is an inorganic material produced by high temperature processing and sintering. The treatment is mainly intended for people who

  • have eroded and broken teeth in the front part of their teeth,

  • have a decayed tooth that cannot be treated with a filling,

  • missing teeth,

  • have crooked teeth.

However, it is also used by people who want more aesthetic teeth and do not have problems with their teeth. It is specially prepared for each patient and applied if the dentist approves.

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