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Start Signpost Method

This is how booking a medical trip through Izmir Medical Esthetic Travel works!

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The startup

We use different ways of starting up our treatments:Plastic surgery,Aesthetic Cosmetics, Dentistry, Ophthalmologyandhair transplants. You can find more about this in the method!

The quotation does not include the costs for travel and accommodation, because travel costs depend on the availability and dates of our external partners. After this phase you can ask additional questions and you have all the necessary information to make a choice from us5-STARS range!

Free and non-binding introduction to the manager of Izmir Medical Esthetic Travel namely,Mehtab Peker

You can contact Mehtab free of charge and without obligation on the contact details on the website, Facebook, Instagram,

e-mail, whatsapp

First we take some time for a personal introduction and then we ask you to arrange a consultation with a VideoCall via WhatsApp.  Before you enter into the Video Consultation, we also ask you to send us your photos for the topic covered. That way we can evaluate the possibility of your questions. In order to open your file, we ask for your personal information.

Your x-rays for teeth or normal pictures of example face, teeth, nose, eyes, hair, breasts, ect. can be sent confidentially via our template in our website. It is therefore possible to send the photos to thewhatsapp number from Mehtab himself.

During this Video Consultation, we go through your treatment plan.

We explain:

  • The procedure

  • We prepare the questions for the doctor

  • We would like to hear your wishes in order to offer a favorable and correct price.

  • Things you should take into account

  • The expected result

  • The length of stay in Turkey

  • Kind of stay you want

  • The guarantee

  • Aftercare according to the treatment

There is enough time to answer or write down all your questions for the doctor and to provide you with all the information you need.

Give Mehtab a few days to address the doctors with your needs. Mehtab needs that time because she wants to speak to 2-3 doctors personally for each treatment request. It is always good to have several options about your treatment.

Mehtab prepares her as it is for herself and will ask to schedule a second WhatsApp video call with you.

During the second Video Consultation, we go through your treatment plan, which has been determined by the doctors.

Before departure

Do you have the choice gemWould you like to have yourself treated through Izmir Medical Esthetic Travel, in Izmir Turkey? Then you only have to pass on your wishes for the hotel, a kind of stay from us5-STARS packagesand your departure date.

We take care of the rest!

AlreadyOnce these appointments for the treatment and your type of stay have been completed, you will make the payment to Izmir Medical Esthetic Travel. That way we can record the treatments on your desired dates. Keep in mind if you want to pay to our Turkish account via internet banking that the3-4working days durationrt before we receive it. There is also an option to pay to our Dutch bank account, but there will be a small contribution for processing. Of course you will also receive an invoice from Izmir Medical Esthetic Travel as proof of payment and warranty.

Five working days before departure, we will send you the latest appointment details and we will contact you by telephone to answer all your final questions.

Arrival in Turkey

Upon arrival in Turkey, our driver will welcome you at the airport in Izmir. He has a sign with you written on it, so you can easily recognize him, and will take you to the hotelor stay to take. After a wonderful night's sleep in the hotel according to your wishes, the next day begins. This is all about the consultation with your specialist doctor. And don't worry, Mehtab is also present to translate everything clearly into your own Dutch language. You will understand every word with peace of mind. The Surgeons will therefore ask you to have the necessary test done depending on which treatment you have.

Enjoy a nice tourist experience in your spare time!

In addition to the 50% to 60% financial advantage that you have by undergoing your treatment in Izmir Turkey, you also get an extra experience in return. Turkey is growing strongly in terms of modernization and medical tourism. Enjoy a wonderful stay in Turkey! Enjoy your new radiant teeth, your fuller head of hair, tight wrinkle-free body and your clear younger vision, and shine with joy! Are you enthusiastic about our working method? Tell friends and family and leave your review on our website or on social media.

Receive good aftercare and a long-term warranty

The aftercare we offer is well organized. Curious about the aftercare per treatment? Then view theGuarantee page on our website.

We offer our patiaYou also have the option to contact or visit Izmir Medical Esthetic Travel up to 10 years after treatment for a check-up appointment in our Turkish clinics in Izmir.

If damage or inconvenience has arisen in connection with your treatment, we will be responsible for the clinic costs and the solutions.

That is why Izmir Medical Esthetic Travel is number 1 because we are different from others.

We offer one of the best warranty deals in the Turkish healthcare sector!

Continued signpost in Turkey =>

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