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Vaginoplasty is a vaginal rejuvenation and vaginal tightening procedure. The demand for it is increasing day by day in cosmetic surgery. The vagina is functionally a primary reproductive organ.

However, since the vagina is the basic symbol of sexuality for women, the appearance of the vagina is expected to be the same in all stages of life as it was during the young girl's age.  

Why are vaginal lips deformed?

In some women, rapid hormonal changes in adolescence can lead to deformities in the vaginal lips. Chronic vaginal infections can cause a color change and structural disorder in the vaginal lips. Asymmetrical vaginal lips are usually present from birth, but after puberty this asymmetry can become more pronounced and can also start to bother the person. 

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Vaginaplasty at a glance

Procedure: vaginoplasty

Duration: 1-2 hours

Stay : 1 days hospital 3 days hotel

Anesthesia: General

Recovery: 7 daysScar: no scar

Results: end result 6 weeks


Why is the genital area deformed?

The appearance of the vagina varies according to geographic region and genetic factors, but it has an ideal appearance that many people have accepted. The ideal vaginal appearance is a closed structure with the inner lips covered by the outer lips.

  • Pregnancy,

  • give birth naturally,

  • hormonal changes,

  • A weakness of the vaginal tissues,

  • Genetic factors or age-related


changes can lead to deformities in the genital area. 

Vaginoplasty Surgery


Vaginoplasty surgeries are usually performed under general anesthesia. If the patient wishes, this can also be done under local anesthesia.

In vaginoplasty surgery, the vagina, inner lips, and outer lips are evaluated together, and the problem area is identified and then intervened. Intervention is often required in these three areas.

For successful operation and planning, it is more convenient to perform the operation from the inside out.   


  • The vaginal mucosa is removed during vaginal constriction. The underlying muscles are restored, excess mucous membrane is removed and the ideal tightness and shape of the vagina is created.

  • Then the excess material on the inner lips is removed. The main point here is that the removal of the tissue in the clitoral area is calculated very well. Removing too much will cause the clitoris to open fully and the clitoris may even touch lingerie, which can make the patient feel uncomfortable. A removal that is too light can cause arousal problems because the tissue closes off the clitoris.

  • Finally, the outer lips are engaged. The goal here is to give the outer lips a full volume shape. Thus, by covering both the inner lips and the vaginal opening, both aesthetic and hygienic conditions are provided. The outer lips usually deform due to loss of volume. To restore this loss of volume, the shape is either obtained using your own fat or with hyaluronic acid fillers.

Post vaginoplasty surgery


The patient remains in the hospital the night of the operation and is discharged the next day after all post-operative checks. Vaginaplasty is not a very painful operation as people think.

If vaginal constriction was performed during surgery, sexual intercourse should be avoided for 3 weeks. If vaginal constriction was not performed during surgery, sexual intercourse should be avoided for 2 weeks. 

The patient can shower for two days after surgery. Short walks are advised to reduce the edema.  

Depending on the methods used and the extent of the surgery, the patient can return to work 3-5 days after surgery. In general, absorbed seams are used in vaginal surgery, so there is no need to remove the seams.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if women have a re-birth with vaginoplasty?

The vagina is an organ that can stretch and expand. The vagina of women undergoing vaginal surgery can stretch and widen again after a normal delivery. Therefore, vaginal surgery is more effective and has a long-lasting result for women who do not consider giving birth again after surgery. 

Why Do Women Want to Have Vaginaplasty Surgery?

According to scientific studies, the first reason for women to undergo vaginoplasty is natural birth. After birth, the vagina becomes wider and looser. This can have a negative effect on both women's sexual life and psychology. 

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