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Travel insurance
  • Is travel insurance mandatory?

  • No, travel insurance is not mandatory. But a travelinsurance you can save a lot of money if things go wrong on holiday. For example, the basic insurance of the Travel Insurance covers theft and damage to your luggage, medical costs and repatriation (home on medical advice) within Europe. Costs that you would otherwise have to pay yourself.

  • Do you need to take out travel insurance?

  • It turns out that there is still a lot of uncertainty about travel insurance. As mentioned, you are not obliged to take out travel insurance. You don't have to, but we do recommend it.

  • What about traveling within and outside Europe?

  • With the basic insurance you are insured within Europe, and within the Azores, Madeira, the Canary Islands,Turkeyand Greenland. The following non-European countries on the Mediterranean Sea are also covered by the basic insurance: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia. If you go further afield, you can expand your insurance with worldwide coverage. With this you are insured worldwide. With basic insurance you are therefore not insured for the whole world as standard

  • Travel insurance: short-term or continuous?

  • If you choose to take out travel insurance, you can choose between short-term travel insurance and continuous travel insurance. We are regularly asked what is the best option for you. A continuous travel insurance is often cheaper than taking out a new travel insurance policy every trip.

  • Travel insurance seen from Turkey:

  • Turkey requires all travelers in tourism, work, or continuous residence to be insured at least during the stay period. Turkey wants to solve a problem during your stay in a budget-friendly way and of course it ensures that you can enjoy your support free of charge. 

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