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Fox / Almond shaped eyes or Canthoplasty

Mirror Mirror on the wall.........

Everyone's wish is to have attractive eyes with a beautiful deep look!

When someone wants to have almond eye surgery, the person's eye and face type is analyzed by the surgeon to perform the surgery successfully.

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Almond shaped eyes (canthoplasty, canthoplasty, cantopexy eye lift ), cat eye, fox eye, bella eye eye lift treatment bring the beautiful harmony and symmetry of the person's eye and facial structure.

With this procedure, minimal aesthetic incisions of crow's feet are made on the sides of the eyelids under local anesthesia, but general anesthesia is also possible. Applied aesthetic sutures that are taken approximately within 4 to 7 days. This is a permanent procedure. Very good to combine with eyebrow lift and/or mid-facelift.

There is usually no visible scar after surgery. The customer goes home or hotel on the same day  and has no problems with the quality of daily life. Nevertheless, it is necessary for the person to take into account the following advice from the surgeon for a quick recovery time.

  • Rest well for the first three days

  • In the first week, the sleeping position is supported with high pillows

  • Do not use hot water while showering for the first week

Almond shaped eyes (Fox Eye Aesthetic)

Almond-shaped, upward-facing and slightly slanted eyes make the eyes look more defined. This can help makeup look better and make women look more attractive and attractive. Fox eye aesthetic by lifting the outer lines of the eyes can help create the perfect shape. The procedure can be done surgically or with the help of wires


Who can have tonsil eye surgery?

Almon eye surgery can be performed on anyone with downcast eyes or who are unhappy with their eye shape. At this point, evaluation of eye shape and general health is essential. After a quick evaluation by your doctor, you can see if you are fit to have the surgery.


Aesthetics of the eye area are completely safe procedures when performed by an experienced physician. After surgery, as with any other surgery, there may be some swelling or bruising/redness. These are temporary side effects. After surgery, patients are advised not to exercise for 6 weeks. The incisions made after eye surgery will remain on the eyelids, but will diminish and fade, becoming unnoticeable over time.

Would you like more information about almond-shaped eyes, cat eye lift, fox eye lift and bella eyes?

Then contact us without obligation.

This treatment has a competitive price like all others, here in Izmir Turkey the prices are 50% to 60% cheaper than in Europe.

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