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What is hair transplant?

One of the most common cosmetic problems lately is hair loss. Although it is a common problem in men, it also occurs in women. It is normal to lose a hundred hairs every day.


If the hair loss is more than you are used to, a specialist should be consulted. If the hair loss cannot be solved by specialists and a permanent problem has arisen, a hair transplant could be applied.


It is a process in which healthy hair follicles are removed from the donor area with microsurgery. These are transplanted to areas where the hair follicles have started to lose their activity.


The planning of this procedure varies from person to person.


Channels open in the area where baldness has started to occur. Hair follicles (grafts) are moved from the donor area where the channels have been opened.

The purpose of this application is to obtain a natural and permanent appearance. This procedure is actually a surgical procedure. Which does not look like a procedure has been performed and is certainly easy to recover from.

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How is a hair transplant performed?

A number of methods are used to perform a hair transplant. FUE(Sapphire) and DHI applications are the most chosen by our doctors. These are performed without stitches and without scars.

 DHİ method is also known as pen technique. In this procedure, all hair follicles are removed one by one and implanted.

Thanks to this procedure, the hair gets a natural look with a beautiful filling. Since no surgical method is used in this procedure and no canal opening is performed, the person can easily continue their normal life after this application.


DHİ is mainly chosen by people who have moderate and scattered hair loss. Many female patients are treated with DHİ.

It is not necessary to shave the hair completely.

Another method is FUE-Sapphire hair transplantation. In this procedure, the entire area is shaved and numbed with local anesthesia.


Hair follicles, what we often call grafts, are removed with the method called  micromar.


 Then microchannels are opened with the Sapphire blade. It is important that the size of the opened canal and the size of the hair follicle match in order to achieve a successful hair transplant. The directions that the hair transplant surgeon uses while opening the channels is therefore also extremely important.

This determines the growth direction of the hair.


The PRP applied during the hair transplant ensures fast and high-quality hair growth and healing of the damaged scalp. This application is supplemented with vitamins that provide faster recovery and nutrition.


The final result is achieved within an average period of 8-12 months.

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