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Eyebrow Aesthetic

Reveal your true beauty with perfectly tailored eyebrows… From a naturally set eyebrow arch to the perfectly defined variant, your eyebrows determine your expression & the frame of your face. A personalized approach is used, various techniques are used to achieve the 'perfect' EYEBROW,

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Hair technique or ombe/powder technique

Semi-permanent eyebrows give the face more expression and a rejuvenating look. Prior to this treatment, your new eyebrows are drawn with a pencil so that you can see the shape and thickness of the new eyebrows. Discuss the result together before carrying out the treatment. Two techniques can be used for semi-permanent eyebrows. The hair technique or powder / ombre technique. In consultation with the customer, it is discussed which technique she prefers and which technique produces the best cured result. This depends, among other things, on the skin type and the condition of the skin.

Hair technique

By pulling fine hairs between the eyebrows, the natural eyebrow becomes fuller and gets a tighter shape. This technique gives a very natural result and is suitable for fine, tight skin, as well as for older skin. The pigmented hairs will blend nicely into your own eyebrow hairs. This technique can also be applied if you no longer have any eyebrows / eyebrow hairs.

Powder/ombre technique

With the powder technique, the eyebrows are gently shaded with the pigment evenly distributed over the entire eyebrow. This technique gives a transparent, soft and natural effect. The color intensity is determined depending on your hair color and your taste. The ombre technique is similar to the powder technique. With the ombre technique, the eyebrow will be more intense at the bottom and gently blend upwards. As well as the start of the eyebrow (at the bridge of the nose)  will be softer in color and flow into a more intense color towards the tail of the eyebrow.

What does the before and after care entail


not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol

no blood thinners (allowed but not on the day itself,

I would like to discuss this with you) no moisturizers


  • for 7 days after treatment

  • leave the eyebrows alone only

  • use the cream while showering

  • keep eyebrows dry, avoid contact with water

  • do not use foundation or cream on the eyebrows

  • do not use eyelash growth serum on the eyebrows

  • no tanning bed

  • no sauna

  • leave the skins/crusts alone

  • do not rub on the eyebrows

Are the eyebrows darker after the treatment

After the treatment, the eyebrows will be darker than the desired result. After a week, the skins / crusts will fall out. After that the color will be 40% lighter.

Are the eyebrows swollen after the treatment?

After the treatment, the skin will be red for about an hour, but this disappears almost immediately. The skin around the eyebrows will usually not be swollen.

How does the choice of color of the eyebrows happen

For the choice of color, the natural color of the eyebrow hairs and the hair on the head is taken into account. We try to achieve as natural a result as possible.

How long does the treatment take

On average, we provide 2 to 2.5 hours from entering to leaving the store.

Can this technique be applied to anyone?

As a precaution, this technique is not used for:


  • pregnant women

  • women who are breastfeeding

  • hepatitis patients

  • diabetic patients

  • persons with cardiovascular disease

  • cancer patients (after or before cancer treatment is possible)

Can this be applied over an old semi-permanent make-up

Over the years, your semi-permanent make-up will fade gently. In consultation with you, we look at how we can refresh your old semi-permanent make-up. If you have ever had these placed elsewhere, you are also welcome to do so with me.

Why and when should a side effect be done

I would like to see you again after min. 6 weeks and max. 12 weeks for a side effect. This touch-up is done to extend the shelf life and make any adjustments to the thickness or color.

How long will my eyebrows stay beautiful in color

The intensity of the eyebrows depends from person to person and mainly depends on the skin and the degree of UV radiation. Therefore, when exposed to the sun, protect your face and eyebrows with a good SPF sun protection for a longer shelf life. With drier skins, eyebrows last a little longer on average than with oilier skins.

What happens to my own eyebrow hairs during the treatment

Before or after the treatment, the eyebrows are nicely shaped by means of eyebrow shaping. resin or tweezers. The naturally present eyebrow hairs that fall into the eyebrows simply remain. These are not shaved or epilated.

Is the treatment painful?

This depends from customer to customer and depends on the pain threshold. However, the treatment is well tolerated. More questions for this? I would be happy to give you more information personally.

If necessary, you can combine it with a Botox Eyebrow Lift at the same time, ask us for more information. To prevent drooping eyebrows, part of the sphincter muscle around the eyes is paralyzed. We do this on the basis of small pricks just below the eyebrow, in this way the eyebrow rises slightly. ​


Regards Mehtab

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