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Six Pack / Two Pack Surgery 

What is a Six pack / Two Pack operation

The plastic surgery performed to make the 6 muscles in the abdominal area of the men more prominent is called Six Pack surgery.

In women, this application is to draw out the two muscles in the abdominal region in a parallel direction. This plastic procedure is called Two Pack surgery.

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We all make so much effort to lose weight, live healthier or look fitter. We have all gone to the gym or followed a diet program. We do not achieve the desired result due to our genetic structure or our inability to adapt to the new feeding schedules. 

Six-pack and two-pack surgery is a successful method for people who want to lose chest and belly fat, especially those who work so hard to get a fit appearance.

Criteria for successful results in surgery:

People who do not achieve the desired results with sports and diet.

For people who are not obese

For young people and middle age

People for body mass index  less than 30

For those who want a fit look.

How is the operation performed? 

Vaser Hi-Def technology is used during the operation. Unlike classic liposuction methods, this technology shapes the body using ultrasonic waves. The operation takes about 2-3 hours.  It is performed under general anesthesia. After surgery, our patients stay in the hospital for 1 day for observation and to provide rest.

Before the operation, you will receive an examination from the doctor. Based on the lines and wishes, the doctor draws the lines on your body. 

He answers your questions to your expectation and ability. After the blood test has been completed and the anesthetist has seen you, you will be operated on.

What Are The Risks Of Six-Pack Surgery (Or Two-Pack Surgery)?

The purpose of this plastic surgery is to make your abs visible. Every plastic surgery has risks. The risk of complications is low with six-pack and two-pack surgery. Edema and swelling are expected conditions after six-pack surgery. After the operation you put on a corset that you have to use for 8 to 12 weeks (Stage 1 faja for 7-10 days and then a stage 2 faja). This ensures that the body takes the right shape and reduces edema and swelling in a short time.

It is very important to watch your diet and exercise regularly after surgery. After the operation, if the patient continues to maintain an unbalanced diet, after some time due to weight gain, the abdominal muscles begin to disappear due to restoring. of fat.

Where Are The Six Pack And Two Pack Operations Performed?

Like all other operations, the Six Pack and Two Pack operations are conducted in Izmir, Turkey. Your surgery will be performed in a fully equipped and state-of-the-art private hospital.

You must stay in Turkey for 5 days for this operation. You will spend the first night in the hotel and the second night in the hospital. The rest of the days you will stay in our hotel. On the 4th day your last checks will take place and you can fly home on the 5th day.

It is also possible to extend your stay with our 5 STARS choice.

With What Operations Can The Six Pack Operation (Two Pack Operation) Be Combined


In men, Gynecomastia surgery is usually combined with six-pack surgery. In women, BBL and breast surgery is combined with the two-pack surgery. In some cases, patients have a sagging abdominal region. In this case, the six-pack surgery and abdominoplasty are done together.

What Are The Prices Of A Six Pack Operation (Two Pack Operation) In Turkey ?

The price of a Six-pack and Two-pack surgery can vary depending on the doctor who will perform the procedure and the organizing company. The factors that will affect the price are: The experience of the doctor, the frequency of the six-pack and two-pack surgeries, liposuction device used during the surgery, hotel where the patient will stay after the surgery and the location of the hotel.

But it remains very clear, the prices here in Turkey are up to 50%-60% cheaper than in Europe. Even if we include accommodation. 

Contact us without obligation for more information. 

Regards Mehtab.

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